A Treasured Scottsdale Landmark

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Built in 1937, covering 620 lovely acres and overlooking Scottsdale and Phoenix, Taliesin West becomes one of Amici’s catered venues. We’ve experienced some great joys and amazing venues over the past 17+ years and have been excited by the addition of Taliesin West to our family of friends.

So, take a tour and explore local petrogylphs, host a dinner in the beautiful Kiva Room, or experience a romantic occation on the Sunset Terrace.  Do all this and more while enjoying a piece of history and one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacies.

A constant work of art in design, architecture and ingenuity.

THREE TIPS when hosting an event here.  Let us help. As a preferred vendor of Taliesin West we have a little experience in what it takes to make your event here successful and even more memorable.

  1. Wear comfy shoes or pumps. While this site brings the epitome of Scottsdale’s luxurious architecture and history,  it also has a gentle heart of aged, crooked and unlit steps. In the dark it can seem a little tricky for the ankles. Please don’t let that deter you – Amici will always provide a little light to your path. Literally.
  2. Count on renting tables, chairs, linens and possibly extra lighting.  Similarly to other venues,  Taliesin does not provide these items which can come as a shock to some guests.
  3. Enjoy the fire-breathing dragon! A must add to your adventure  here. You pay a tad extra for this amenity in your package with  Taliesin, but a guaranteed hit at every event.To host an event at Taliesin West:http://franklloydwright.org/host-an-event/