Sold Out…. The Best Mistake Ever

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When planning a party, just short of printing the wrong date on the invitation, there really isn’t any worse news than your favorite caterer (or the Boss’) napalming  your efforts with two small words… SOLD OUT.  Having attended too many functions where the food on a commercial flight is better than the catering, your reaction isn’t pretty – YOU PANIC.  It’s time to get creative and formulate another plan; however, being that it’s only October (and yes, you’re late), you can’t help but be in a fury with every new twinkle light and display of retail decor.

Ahhh… the Holiday Season:  a time of joy, wonder and all things festive.  Let’s be real, for us, the favorite caterer (insert SMILEY face,) there is nothing worse than breaking the bad news.  With a limited number of weekends during the month of December and a heightened demand for social and professional gatherings, as you can imagine, we book fast.

(check out our booking tips at the end of this post.)

Should you ever find yourself in this dreadful situation, before you allow your crankiness to overpower your mood, take a breathe and remember sometimes a new tradition is just what the doctor ordered for everyone!  


Seriously, for many of us, those eight nights of gift giving or an early morning of merriment and I suspect more often than not, aren’t brimming with the quintessential holiday magic.  What once was a super sweet time of the year might feel like total joy-suck.  And with good reason, even though you crave the  immersion into the beauty of the season, the reality can be  taxing to even the brightest of spirits.   Schlepping from store to store, overcrowded everything, endless wrapping, decorating, baking, remembering to move the elf, remembering to buy the gelt,  going back to the store for all the gifts you forgot, a schedule that is bogged down by social and work obligations, and all the while, the credit card statement keeps adding a page.  Thank heavens for the “hallmark moments,” smiling faces amongst the twinkling lights, richness and all things special!

I’m here to tell you that in the event you hear the dreaded… Sold Out, just like there are too many ways to spell Hanukkah, Chanukah, Chanukkah, Hanukah, you may have your favorite; but try switching your traditions around – you might find that you and your guests will like it!  


screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-2-48-51-pmYour guests might appreciate a gathering just after the New Year where you pay special attention to supporting their lives.  Chances are a nourishing, healthful menu along with bright-flavored, infused waters and Pelligrino would be a welcome surprise and opportunity to recharge their batteries.  

Imagine offering ways for them to create resolutions and or goals in the New Year.  Create a raffle for health improvement and lifestyle related prizes that include local gym memberships, yoga classes, gift certificates for everything from fitness attire, life coaching sessions, to financial advisement services.   




Consider hosting a celebration during a different time of day during the Holiday Season.  Your guests will cherish relaxing over a delicious weekend brunch spread – gosh, I can’t think of a better time of year to savor personal connections with champagne and a splash of OJ!

A gathering at a different time of day offers you the opportunity to serve a unique menu and array of flavors.  Let’s face it, by New Year’s Eve is anyone craving traditional holiday fare?  One thing I know – your guests will go crazy over Lori’s favorite… a spread of street tacos.  Seriously good stuff.  



Insider Information:  December is Corporate Holiday Season.

To snag a space on the coveted holiday party day, which is always the second Saturday in December, you need to be organized early. You don’t have to plan the entire party and menu – your space is reserved, ‘off the market’ when we receive your deposit.  

Our best advice – think like a corporate client – planning the holiday party is a late summer to-do list item.  So, next year when it feels like someone left the oven on broil with the door open, think…TIME TO PLAN THE HOLIDAY GATHERING.