Seven Deadly Sins – A Dinner Party

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Who says this playful time of year is reserved for youngsters?  With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, it time for the adults to have some fun!  Here’s an ultra creative themed party that blows the traditional adult party of “Eat, Drink and be Scary” out of the water, but don’t forget it would be great for other times of the year as well.  The best part is that we have done a good portion of the work for you – adding customize-able invitations and menu cards as well as sourcing a great start to the decor.  Of course, a quick phone call to Amici to secure your catering (or all of it) is a must!  From there, you’ll have plenty of time to work on your costume.

Much of the success of the    Seven Course meal lies in the presentation of each course as well as the two interlude courses designed to offer you and your guests a chance to “redeem yourself from your transgressions.”

For Example:  

 1st Course – Vanity – served on individual mirror rounds.     2nd Course – Gluttony – being so “piggish,” this course needs no embellishment (pun intended).     3rd Course – Wrathserved on scorching hot individual skillets (we will provide, be sure to warn).  4th Course – Greed – served on “money plates,” clear plates with bills taped to the back side.    5th Course – Envy – the main course is where it gets good!  Consider that there are two price points of options – the servers will present the chicken option (lesser) to every other guest first and in the second round of “drops,” present the filet (higher) to the remaining guests.  As your guests that received the less expensive entree are potentially feeling     envious, they are instructed to trade with their “neighbor.”    6th Course – Sloth – served in an oversized bowl.   Absolution Course – the second opportunity to redeem yourselves comes with the servers wafting scented air throughout the room – easily done by placing dry ice and essential oils inside an censer (like the pope uses in service) or infusers.    7th Course – Lust -needs no embellishment as it can simple be announced as a naked cake (simply a cake without frosting) with double the aphrodisiac qualities.Seven Deadly Sins Menu

Below are some ideas on the remaining important elements of the party including table scape, costume ideas, and most important, sourcing of items.  We’d be happy to do ALL of the leg work for you if you prefer!

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.05.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.00.09 PMTable scape:  These two pictures give you an idea of a good base to work with.  Each are centered around the candelabra (which add height) and a copious amount of votive candles (red, if you are looking for a more sinister look and green if you would like to keep it on the lighter side).  Replace the traditional Halloween decorations with items depicting the seven deadly sins:  fake diamonds, gold bars, play money (greed), mirrors, fake Botox syringes and anti aging paraphernalia (vanity), framed pictures of models or people one might be jealous of (envy), anger management advertisements, crime scene tape, fake dismembered body parts and bloody knives (wrath), escort ads or dating profiles if you want a PG version (lust) fake unemployment claims, work sucks lollipops (sloth), and donuts, cakes, chocolate boxes, candy wrappers (gluttony).  Displaying items that are paper can easily be done in frames, but variety of shapes and height add visual interest; consider exaggerating them by printing them oversized and covering boxes.  Display bakery items on cake platters with donuts dispersed throughout the display,  half eaten as well with a crumb mess.  You get the idea…your creativity is sparked!

Home Decor:  Consider adding a red carpet leading to your front door, your front door and other areas of your home adorned with “celebrity zone, no papparazzi, vip entrance,” tape, fake oscar statues, life size cutouts of celebrities, money toilet paper for your restrooms.  Of course, any items from your table scape can be used to carry the theme throughout your house and bar.

Bar:  Speaking of the bar….  No event is complete without signature cocktails and in this case serving the wine, 7 Deadly Zins, by Michael David Winery is perfection along with green beer and a martini using Goldschlager (a cinnamon flavored schnaaps with 24 karat gold flakes floating in the bottle), and a passion fruit margarita are great options.

Costume:  Encourage your guests to come in costume representing one of the seven sins.  Here are some fabulous eyes!  Party city has a great selection of costumes as well as Mardi Gras Costume Rental in scottsdale.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.10.32 PM

Product Sourcing: (all Links)

 Oriental Trading – money toilet paper (IN13669744), play money (IN39763)

Party City – fake diamonds (393967), red carpet (175566), oscar (6222), vip entrance tape (421901)

Pinky Paradise – colored non-prescription contacts

All Posters – celebrity cutouts  

Censers (for the Absolution Air Course) – how about adding a confessional at this point (anonymously!)                                                                                   Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.08.12 PM