Frequently Asked Questions

Where is a good place to start when planning catering?

What are some of your most common items?

Are you able accommodate special requests?

I would like to have staff at my event – how does that work?

May I add gratuity to my bill for servers and/or delivery drivers?

I would like to serve alcohol – is that something you can manage?

Can I schedule a tasting?

Will there be extra food to feed additional vendors, such as the photographer?

When do I need to give my final guest count?

How is my date reserved?

May I bring in outside food?

Can you manage the cake cutting?

Do you provide rentals such as china, glass and tents?

What are the delivery fees with an Amici Drop Off?

What can I expect with an Amici Drop-off?  What is included?

What can you offer with regards to hosting a sustainable event?