#RedForEd since 1970?

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Many of you know Amici Catering strongly supports Educators and Students. We see the need for supporting the #RedForEd movement in Arizona. We personally know many present and past Educators who have dealt with very similar issues as we are seeing in 2018. Whether you are in support for the #RedForEd movement or not, you might be interested in knowing this push has been going on for quite some time.

I just got off the phone with Scott’s mother, Carol Harlig. What a precious woman, by the way. She shared with me that in 1970 as a teacher in the LA Unified School District they took five weeks out to strike and fight for the rights of their salaries and classrooms. “We were personally trying to provide each student with a pencil, pink pearl eraser and lined paper”, she said it was common to hear remarks back then what we were still hearing today, “why isn’t the school providing that”? She went on to say that just like in 1970, “many schools still need modern text books not ones held together with duct tape”. Interesting enough, Mrs. Harlig shared that Scott’s father would dedicate time and money to provide food for those teachers marching. Beautiful.

As I type all of this I am in awe that we are still there. Still struggling to make a fair budget for education. Teachers still feeling the burden of what is takes to provide for their families and their classrooms. Today Educators have repeatedly voiced frustration over what they believed has been a slow response by state leaders to address the nearly $1 billion in education funding that has been cut since the recession. These cuts led many Arizona public schools to freeze pay for their educators and withhold making school repairs or buying new textbooks. [azcentral.com April 20, 2018]

So what is Amici Catering doing about it? We will stand now, march where we can – and when we can’t – we will follow Scott’s father’s footsteps and provide food for those teacher marching for our students and for their families. Tonight at 6pm we will be at one friend’s home hosting a free warm dinner to a house full of teachers and friends who have been fighting for their salaries and classrooms. We are proud to be a part of every teacher’s lives and desire a healthy change for families who entrust their youth to the care and education of those in authority in their classrooms. Thank you for what you do, Teachers.

#RedForEd   (H.Holmes for Amici Catering)