Our Recipe for Clean & Green

amici Sustainablity

“Catering is a business of sustenance, through food. We can’t forget that we too are sustained… by Mother Earth.  Lessening our tread matters.”  ~ Lori Harlig

Mixology that Matters
Our Recipe for Glass Cleaner

Just like dish towels and serving utensils, glass cleaner is a staple at every catering event.
With busy, time-crunched schedules, it is easy to gravitate to whatever cleaning product gets
the job done well and fast. With perfection an absolute requirement, Lori was admittedly skeptical when one of our employees shared her recipe for an all natural approach to our store-bought glass cleaner.  PEOPLE, It’s Fabulous – passed the Lori Test!  Plus… we love knowing that fewer chemicals equate to a safer, cheaper, and along with less anti-bacterial agents, better product for the Earth.

Amici Glass Cleaner

Distilled White Vinegar
Rubbing Alcohol

Easy Peasy People – simply combine equal parts of each ingredient. We recycled the store brand bottle and love the handy side notches that serve as our measuring tool.

Let’s talk vinegar and rubbing alcohol:
We prefer filtered versus pure vinegar as it’s not as stinky. Your options for rubbing alcohol are 71% or 91% alcohol. We prefer 91%.