How to Produce the Perfect Italian Wedding

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Recently I heard, from reliable sources, of an incredible wedding (175 guests) which took place in the city of Somerville, New Jersey, that was considered by those in attendance, the perfect wedding.

What was most impressive about this whole affair, was that it was entirely planned, organized, directed and produced by the 26 year-old bride and co-produced by the groom.  Their successful collaboration on this complex project demonstrated just how suitable they are for their lifelong partnership.

Although working with a small budget, the bride and groom managed to produce a very elegant, warm and joyous occasion on time and under budget.

Like a perfect low-budget indie flick.  Now, I have no experience planning and organizing a large wedding.  But I have had some experience producing and financing small independent films.

So the story of this young woman, who wrote, produced, directed and starred in her own wedding, reminded me of the multi-talented efforts of such legendary film makers as John Cassavetes, Warren Beatty and Woody Allen.

So within this cinematic context, here are lessons to learn from this special Franco-Italian American wedding.