Menu Trends : Smoke n’ Ashes

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Despite the dramatic shift in the collective attitude towards it, suddenly, SMOKING has become more mainstream, cool, and some might even venture to say, glamourous again.  Well, to be more accurate, anything that is fire-kissed and smoky is on fire within the foodie world.

According to Technomics, the nation’s leading food research and consulting firm, consumers and chefs alike are seeking out, (pardon the pun) fanning the flames of flavors of fire: charred, blackened, fire roasted, wood grilled, burnt and smoked anything.

“Smoke and fire are showing up everywhere on the menu: in charred or roasted vegetable sides; in desserts with charred fruits or burnt-sugar toppings; in cocktails featuring smoked salt, smoked ice or smoky syrups.” ~ Technomics

That’s right, smoked ice… what in the world is that?  We wondered,  as I am sure you are as well. Food Hacks uncovered that a refreshing, yet complex, Smoky Grapefruit Gin & Tonic can easily be your summer party cocktail.  It really is as simple as infusing the ice cube water with the smoke of wood chips (hickory, pecan, or mesquite.) So, if you can light your grill and boil water… you can make smoked ice.

“I’ll be honest, when I first read that I thought it was a bunch of you-know-what. Smoked ice? Are you really supposed to be able to taste that? Yet it stayed on my mind until I tried it and… pardon the pun, but holy smokes! That stuff is good! And it’s incredibly easy to make.”    ~ Brady Klopfer

Don’t miss Food Hack’s recipe for smoked salt as well.

Reminiscent of a backyard summer barbecue, yes; however, preparing an upscale version of everything from blackened pizza to ember roasted potatoes and anything in between, takes great care. There is no doubt that craftsmanship abounds behind the flames, along with a serious distinction between “burnt” and “burned.”  Hail to perfectly charred, crispy goodness.

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In your summer travels, have you come across any burnt food items?  Smoky Cocktails? If not, what unique menu items have you stumbled upon?


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