Gonzo Over Coffee Grounds!

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Yesterday, in a pinch, I grabbed a breakfast burrito from McDonalds on my way into the kitchen and noticed a sign announcing Ronald’s giving away his coffee grounds.  Yep- you read that correctly, used coffee grounds.

Wondering why in the world McDonald’s grounds are as desired as their special sauce and sesame bun?  Well, frankly, they aren’t; but a garden sure thinks so when delivered in the form of COMPOST!

Slightly, dorky…  YES, but one thing that makes me happy is composting. As you imagine, with 95% of our food prepared in-house, we have a ton of rinds, peels, shells, and coffee grounds that can be turned into dark, power packed DIRT!  So knowing we can turn our trash into a treasure – that’s pretty stinking (darn puns!) cool!

But…  here’s our DIRTY (hee, hee) LITTLE SECRET!  Our partner, Recycled City, makes composting possible for us and they can for you too!

Here’s how we compost:

  1.  We separate out food waste (meats included!)
  2.  Instead of putting the “trash” in the dumpster, we put it in a sealed blue bin.
  3.  Recycled City picks up the contents from our bin weekly.
  4.  They turn it into compost and deliver it to urban farms throughout the valley.  Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.44.24 AMRecycled City picks up throughout the valley.  If you’d like some compost, they’re happy to share!