Enjoy your AZ Summer Wedding

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Summer, generally speaking is the height of wedding season; however, in the Southwest, summer and weddings are typically like oil and vinegar – they just don’t mix.  Unless you live in AZ, you can’t fathom the concept of a “dry heat,” which really does feel like you are standing in front of an open oven.  Let’s face it, not every couple can afford or desires to spend “in season” pricing or for whatever reason, the stars haven’t aligned and a Saturday in July is your wedding reality, here are some tricks to help you turn the idea of a summer wedding in Phoenix to peanut butter and chocolate… a lovely combination.

Were the color experts of Pantone visiting Phoenix in July when they  forecasted this year’s hue trends?
You don’t have to take a class in color theory when picking your signature hues, just keep in mind that colors can affect people in specific ways and one of your goals might be to temper the oven like Summer Wedding Blog_miniheat.  Luckily for you the trends Pantone highlighted project an air of coolness – think blues like ethereal marine and scuba blue, greens like woodbine and lucite that play off the colors of newly sprouted leaves and fresh grass.  Picture the iconic colors of summer represented in flavors of ice cream fit perfectly with the trend of understated brights and paler hues – accents of strawberry, or limoncello pair beautifully with the succulents of the desert landscape.

Don’t fool yourself; unless you are getting married in a hot air balloon 7,500 feet above seal level, you aren’t going to get a break in the weather.  So what, it’s hot…. there are tons of perks to a summer wedding and with proper planning and consideration to the heat, it will be fabulous.  Here are 5 important things to remember:

1.  Remember the weather in every single wedding decision – chose items that fit well succulent bouquets, sleeveless dresses, AZ casual tuxedo (classic tommy bahama shirts), even a “naked wedding cake” as buttercream frosting just doesn’t hold up in the heat.

2.  Do yourself and every woman in your wedding party a favor; keep the make up artist all day or at least a good portion of the day.  Your make up will smear and touch ups will make you happy.

3.  Pick the right venue – no question, indoor is paramount.  However, if you chose to have a sunset ceremony consider having fans and parasols for your guests (seriously romantic, right!).  Also, fans, swamp coolers, misters are well worth their rental cost.  Some of our favorite indoor venues are The Icehouse, The Elegant Barn, and Soho63

4.  Choose your vendors wisely.  This probably isn’t the time to give your best friend who graduated with a patisserie certification her/his first ‘real’ gig.  When it comes to your flowers, make up, cake and even photography this is the time to bring the experts who understand the complexities of transporting and managing items that are sensitive to heat.

5.  Not all menus are alike, especially in the summer.  I know we are biased, but on your wedding day, your caterer can truly be your best friend.  Here’s why – a good caterer is not only creative, but also understands the nuances of creating the right menu.  The last thing you want is for you or your guests to feel the tired, sluggish feel of post Thanksgiving.  The ideal menu should be filled with light, flavorful dishes that are full of seasonal fruits and veggies, lighter starches, seafood and grilled meats.

Let the experts at Amici be part of your plan this summer!