We’re Inspired – Read All About It!

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Hands down, dining out while on vacation is one of the perks to our job; it’s when we give ourselves free rein to loosen the belt a bit and order whatever catches our fancy in the glorious name of “research and development.”  This summer was no exception – along with the traditional travel souvenirs, being self proclaimed food nerds, we brought home tons of food ideas.

We are super excited to give you a sneak peek of what we’re stewing upon.  Of course, in true Amici fashion, you can expect “fresh, always creative, and as much local sourcing as possible.”

What we call toast or maybe an open faced sandwich, the French call them Tartines and let’s face it, anything in French sounds sexier, right?  We know we’re not blazing the ‘Oh, So Unique’ trail, but trust us… read on as these on-trend, super sexy ingredient combinations will have you calling them tartines as well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.02.22 AM

With Fall on the mind, we’re gonzo over faro, a barley like, slightly nutty grain and thinking of using it as a twist on the now too common, quinoa.  Combining it with heartier ingredients like the the Greek cheese, halloumi (grilled of course, as this is when hard cheeses simply ‘pop’), as well as mushrooms and hazelnuts, creates a savory salad we just love!

Looking beyond the standard vinaigrette, we set our sights on using some unique flavors and came up with two new salad dressings – Green Apple Vinaigrette and BBQ Adobo Vinaigrette.  Although you’ll just have to wait and see on how we use the Adobo dressing, we’ve dreamt up a riff on the classic Waldorf and a twist on the traditional Caesar using the Green Apple Vinaigrette.

With food as our medium, we couldn’t help but enjoy adding our own artistic flair to a classic iceberg wedge.  Spanish Chorizo is certainly not yet Southwestern, with it’s distinctive red color and smoky paprika flavors; it was the perfect catalyst for concocting our Mexican Wedge.Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.59.00 PM


With Summer approaching an end, (yes, in Arizona we have a few more months…) we may have to hit the gym a few extra times to burn off the “research and development;” however, it was absolutely well worth it as it afforded us the opportunity to tap into what we love – CREATIVITY.

P.S.  Remember the Adobo Vinaigrette?  Keep your eyes peeled for how we incorporate savory granola as a crouton alternative… So Fun!

P.S.S.  In your travels, have you seen any twists on traditional foods?  We would love to hear!