Events that Nourish the Soul

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As caterers, we aren’t immune to the emotion of events. Yes, we still  choke up when the couple’s eyes well up during the vows and our hearts  can’t help but swell watching a daddy prepare to walk his baby down the aisle.   

Additionally, sometimes, we are blessed with opportunities that are downright nourishing… to the soul, like last week’s Doctors Without Borders Donor Reception. Beyond the opportunity to relish in the unique, ultra modern design of the Pulliam Auditorium in Burton Bar Central Library, it was amazing to hear Suzanne Cristtreu speak of her experience as a field volunteer.

As a production manager for movie studios, Ms. Cristtreu, who has served on 9 missions, embodied a mentality we know well – with live events, there is tremendous power in planning and yet, what matters most is ingenuity and flexibility once the plan is in action.  “Rolling in hot” certainly isn’t something one would do when embarking upon a mission to offer “medical aid where it is needed most,” including war zones, disasters and epidemics; painstaking effort is given to planning and preparation.

However, sometimes the inevitable happens….flash flooding, washed out roads, broken vehicles and who knows what else!  We couldn’t help but simply stand in awe –  imagine entering a volatile environment, unarmed with only the protection of the local community?  Imagine concocting a plan of transporting a team and supplies to a destination 200 miles away in the midst of a mudslide, when oxen and bamboo poles become your backup plan?  Imagine throughout of all of that nonsense, remaining steadfast to your vow of complete neutrality and impartiality?

The same degree of attention is applied to our events; of which, many are precious life moments, where there is no option of failure (which, for us really is anything less than perfection).  The only way Amici will ever “roll in hot,” is with piping hot food; but hearing about Ms Cristreu’s experience,  we can’t help but be grateful that our backup plan is better than the local livestock.