Boozy Popsicles to Beat the Summer Heat

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As caterers, it is perfectly fitting that we believe many of life’s juiciest, most memorable moments happen around mouth watering food and beverage with those you love. Even though Arizona has heated up to the point that it feels like you’re standing in front of a open broiling oven, it’s still summer – filled with plenty of opportunities to fire up the barbeque.

Upping your game with these recipes for frozen adult icey treats promises a good time regardless of the temperature.  Without a liquor license, we aren’t able to host them on our menu; however, Scott and I are having a blast trying them at home.  We would love to hear what you, your friends and family say!


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Bourbon Peaches ‘n Cream  |  Otter Pops  |  Dirty Pirate  |  Flavor Infused Ice Cubes