Amici tastes BUGS!

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“Always let your conscious be your guide.” ~ Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy would be glowing with pride over our most recent epicurean adventure, CRICKET FLOUR (technically speaking Jiminy is actually a grasshopper!)  Watch this VIDEO for a fast synopsis on cricket flour and why Pinocchio’s long legged sidekick would approve.

As expected, we are foodies.  Each of us at Amici is on the hunt for the latest food trends when it comes to ingredients, style and concepts.  However, here’s the deal, to capture our fancy, the “latest, greatest” has to taste delicious. Stretching our Western palettes, we decided to step on board with 80% of the world and give entomophagy (eating bugs) a whirl.  No, we did’t harvest and roast our own bugs, but rather, ordered a bag of Orange Ginger cookies from Itty Bitty Foods.

Watch our VIDEO of cricket flour cookie tasting..

Sorry, Itty Bitty Foods, your cookies don’t cut it.  Mom was right when she said that moderation is key and in your case, Itty Bitty, our taste buds unanimously agreed that the substitution of butter with coconut oil and cane sugar with molasses was simply put, “healthy ingredient overkill.”  Yes, we are Julia Child’s old school and believe that everything tastes better with butter; and without getting too scientific and boring you with the retro nasal route and the nasal pharynx talk, there is a reason cookies made with butter taste better.  The fat in butter develops the soft, chewy texture we all love in cookies and is the flavor carrier for the fat soluble ingredients like vanilla.  So, perfect for the healthy, non-butter loving crowd, but crunching our cracker-like cookie left us missing the vibrancy of orange and ginger.

BUT WAIT! We haven’t thrown in the towel on the “gateway bug!”  The old standby Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie prepared with cricket flour instead of the traditional wheat flour was DELICIOUS and MODERATELY HEALTHY.  The cricket flour added a nutty, toasted flavor and the texture was more fibrous like a breakfast bar, but DELISH!

Drum roll, please…  Get your glass of milk ready; we have added them to our menu! Letting our conscious be our guide, we love the idea of introducing a product that can be prepared in a yummy way, but better yet, packs a punch to a global crisis.

Click here for the Neiman Marcus Recipe