A Riddle

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What do Thomas Jefferson, Julia Child and Amici Catering have in common?

Could it be the France connection?  Remember, Thomas Jefferson spearheaded the Louisiana Territory acquisition and Julia  (she feels like she would be a fabulous friend, hence the first name reference) introduced the United States to French cuisine.  France is a good guess; but , nope, even though it is on trend, we don’t plan on introducing pate or beef bourguignon to our menu.  And the answer is…


Thomas Jefferson had an unwavering passion for innovative, creative new thought as well as inventions.  As if the Declaration of Independence, Louis and Clark expedition and doubling the size of the United States during his presidency weren’t enough, he can also take credit for the first copy machine, hideaway bed, spherical sundial, revolving bookstand, pedometer and yes, even a macaroni extracting machine.  He clearly had an extraordinary excitement and dedication that he applied in all areas of his life.

Nobody can forget Julia Child and her remarkable, often hilarious zest for food and life (really, you must take a few minutes to watch this video of her as it will make you smile)!  Believe it or not, she was quite innovative as well.  Amidst publisher skepticism, she brilliantly identified that demystifying French cooking was something the modern 1960’s American housewife would latch onto. Really, in an era of expansiveness, breaking through the mystery of a male dominated industry enabled wives to have their own unobjectionable moment of rebellion.  Julia seemed to understand that “we’re going to bake it and set it on fire,” just might be the alternative to sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

So, how does this translate to Amici?  I imagine Thomas Jefferson had an energetic expression similar to Julia’s – a proverbial fire of intensity and vibrancy.  It’s a spark we know well and I believe sets us apart.  At Amici, catering is an art form that stems from our client’s dreams and keeps us constantly looking for innovative application, transformation, and fusion.  For example, just this morning Lori and I were tasting a seemingly ordinary key lime tart (which was delicious on it’s own), but wouldn’t it be lovely as a first course? Imagine the iconic tangy sweet custard and buttery crust served warm and smothered with a crispy, lacquered shredded duck and cherry reduction?

Although, we certainly can’t profess to ‘lighting anything on fire’, we can own every bit of what Thomas Jefferson and Julia possessed.  We innately bring dedication and passion to every single conversation, proposal and event.  And… truth be told, our pushing the envelope is one hell of a good time.