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Party Trays

(Serves 8-10 ppl)

Bruschetta Platter
Toasted crostinis served with balsamic tomatoes & pesto

Fig and Goat Cheese Quesadilla Platter
Served with a cilantro chimichurri

Chopped Salad Shells
Jumbo shells filled with amici chopped salad, mustard vinaigrette

Domestic Cheese and Fruit Platter
Selected domestic cheeses garnished with seasonal fresh fruit

  • Small Tray (serves 10)
  • Medium Tray (serves 25)
  • Large Tray (serves 50)

Grana Parmesan Grapes and Berries w/ Candied Spiced Pecans

  • Small Tray (serves 10)
  • Medium Tray (serves 25)
  • Large Tray (serves 50)

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  • Asian– rice noodles, cilantro, shredded carrot, jalapeno, soy miso reduction
  • Greek– garbanzo beans, feta, tomato, red onion, taziki
  • Mexican– radish, black beans, tomato, cotijo cheese, pico de gallo

Italian Antipasti Platter
Italian meat, cheeses, olives, artichoke hearts, pepperoncinis, Caprese salad

Fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil balsamic drizzle

Mini Meatballs (2 dozen per order)
House made Meatballs served with your choice of sauce
Types: Angus Beef, , Lamb, or Spicy Sausage

Vegetable Crudités (Grilled additional $1/pp )
A colorful selection of seasonal vegetables with sun dried tomato ranch or pesto

  • Small Tray (serves 10)
  • Medium Tray (serves 25)
  • Large Tray (serves 50)

Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes Platter
Roasted corn cakes, avocado, cilantro, salsa verde and chipotle cream sauce

Grilled Steak Sandwich Platters
Open faced or Garlic Rolls, Grilled peppers & onions,

Ancho Catsup, Cheddar Horseradish Crema,

Fruit Platter

  • Small Tray (serves 10)
  • Medium Tray (serves 25)
  • Large Tray (serves 50)

Mediterranean Trio Platter
Hummus, Quinoa Tabouhli, Tsatziki with grilled pita and fresh veggies

Snow Crab Platter (Seasonal)

Fondue Fun Platters– 20 or more ppl

  • Cheddar Calvados- apple, pretzel bread cubes, salami
  • White Chile Con Queso- Grilled flour tortillas, chorizo, roasted chiles
  • Red Lentil-tandoori bread, seasonal vegetables
  • Italian Bar- tortellini, sausage, meatballs, garlic bread

Shrimp Cocktail Platter
Traditional – served with lemon wedges and horseradish cocktail sauce “Baja Style”- with avocado, cucumber, zesty gazpacho.

Focaccia Open Faced Sandwiches
(serves 24 ppl appetizer cut/ 10 ppl meal size)

Our large peasant bread topped with fresh ingredients

  • Roasted vegetables, grated Asiago
  • Caramelized onion, goat cheese, asparagus
  • Roasted mushroom, arugula, yellow squash
  • Chicken apple sausage, onion, mozzarella


amici Bites – Cold

  • Buckwheat Blinis w/ Green Apple & Smoked Trout
  • Salmon Bruschetta
  • Parmesan Napoleons
  • Blue Cheese Apricot Bites
  • Brie with Roasted Figs & Honey Crostini
  • Red Potato with Pesto and Shaved Parmesan
  • Cucumber Coins w/ Smoked Salmon  
  • Green Apple and Brie Fans
  • Mascarpone and Blue Cheese Tarts
  • Portobello, Sun Dried Tomato Purses
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Melon
  • Ahi Tuna Wonton Stars w/ Wasabi
  • Triple Citrus Scallop Ceviche
  • Chocolate Tipped Bacon w/ Pistachios
  • Spanish Cheddar Coins with Pepper Jelly
  • Green Apple Wheels w/ Roast Beef & Stilton
  • Roasted Figs with Prosciutto and Goat Cheese


amici Bites – Hot

  • Fried Mozzarella with Pesto & Marinara
  • Crispy Asparagus & Asiago Leaves
  • Crab Rangoons w/ Dipping Sauce
  • Sweet Potato Puffs
  • Eggplant Planks w/ Spinach & Roasted Corn 
  • Spanikopita
  • Stuffed Mushrooms – Parmesan Sausage or Four-Cheese & Spinach
  • Toasted Ravioli w/ Marinara
  • Mini Chicken or Beef Wellingtons en croute
  • Grilled Rosemary Lamb Chops w/ Tzaziki
  • Coconut Shrimp w/ Dipping Sauce
  • Crab Cakes w/ Thyme Dijon
  • Pecan Chicken Tenders w/ Whiskey Roasted Peach Sauce
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops w/ Chile Butter
  • Grilled Sausage with Peppers and Onions
  • Baked Shrimp- Large Shrimp, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Garlic Breadcrumbs
  • Grilled Chicken Skewers with Thai Peanut Sauce
  • Smashed Red Potatoes w/ Tillamook Cheddar & Jalapeno Bacon
  • Vegetable Samosas w/ Cilantro Chimichurri
  • Parmesan Artichoke Hearts w/ Lemon and Black Pepper Aioli



  • Mini Shawarmas
  • Carved Filet Sandwiches w/ horseradish
  • Carved Roasted Turkey Sandwiches
  • Milanese Minis
  • Petite Croque Monsiers w/ brandied apricot preserves
  • Grilled Asparagus Goat Cheese Paninis


Crostinis (minimum 2 dozen per item)                  

  • White Bean, Olive Oil and Rosemary
  • Caprese – Tomatoes, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella
  • Artichoke, Grated Asiago, Black Pepper
  • Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Italian Sausage
  • Herb Goat Cheese, Roma Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinegar
  • Eggplant Caponata

Antipasti Skewers (minimum 2 dozen per item)

  • Fresco – Red Grape & Prosciutto
  • Caprese – Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil
  • Sicilian – Salami, Mozzarella, Tomato
  • Tuscan – Cheese Tortellini, Proscuitto, Peas

Meeting Snacks/Desserts

(Serves 8 -10 ppl)

Fig and Goat Cheese Quesadilla Platter

Kale Chip Cones
Honey Chili Flaked, Sesame, or Parmesan Ranch  

Cheese, Crackers and Seasonal Fruit Platter

Trail Mix Bar
Make your own mixed bag – Granola, M&M’s, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Jerky

Hummus Trio w/ Veggies & Pita Chips
Red Pepper, Cilantro & White Bean

Roasted Edamame and Chick Peas with Chipotle Aioli

Parmesan Truffle or Smokey BBQ Kettle Chips

Almond Butter Banana Sushi Rolls                                                                                               

Lime Chile Tortilla Chips and Fresh Salsa Bar

Margarita Lime, Salted Caramel Chocolate, Carrot Cake

Grown-up Roasted Apple Oatmeal Cookies                                                                                  

Dolce Platter
Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Rice Krispie Squares, and Cappuccino Brownies

Ballpark Trio
Chocolate Chili Popcorn, Pretzels/Roasted Peanuts

Appetizer Tables/Bars 

Street Tacos/Salsa Bar
Fresh corn and flour tortillas with:

Grilled steak, chicken, and shrimp, or duck – homemade guacamole, corn and jalapeno relish, black beans, sour cream, radishes, fresh limes, cilantro, 5 different salsas

Mashed Potato Bar
Idaho and sweet potatoes smashed with: Bleu, Parmesan & cheddar cheeses, bacon, sour cream, roasted mushrooms, chives, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, grilled asparagus, truffle oil, maple butter & candied pecans

Fun Fondue Bar

  • Cheddar Calvados – apple, pretzel bread cubes, salami
  • White Chile Con Queso – Grilled flour tortillas, chorizo, roasted chiles
  • Red Lentil – tandoori bread, seasonal vegetables
  • Italian Bar – tortellini, sausage, meatballs, garlic bread

Crostini Bar
Olive oil toasted bread with:

Goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, crispy onions, artichokes, caramelized pears and brie, Gorgonzola crumbles, grilled asparagus, balsamic grapes, pesto, white beans w/ rosemary

Mixed Wings Bar
Chicken wings every which way:
Vesuvio Wings, Hot Mustard Wings, Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings, Garlic Parmesan Wings, Buffalo Fire Wings, Teriyaki Wings, Piccata Wings

Pasta Bar
Four types of pasta with 5 sauces;

Chicken, shrimp, roasted vegetables, Parmesan cheese, goat cheese, bacon, peas, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes

Charcuterie Bar
Andouille sausage, chorizo, spicy Italian sausage, assorted cheddar cheeses, assortment of mustards, crackers, flatbreads and soft pretzels, fruit

Carmel Apple Bar
Sliced apples dipped in caramel:
Coconut, chopped almonds, snickers, dark chocolate chips, pretzels, mini M&M’s, white chocolate shavings, dried cranberries, granola, toffee bits

Chocolate Bar                                                                                                                                                     
Everything chocolate:
Chocolate mousse, candy bars, truffles, strawberries, cherries, chocolate lava cakes, cannoli, dark chocolate brownie

Agua Fresca Water Bar
House Made Fruit Waters:
Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Strawberry, Grape, Honeydew, Lemon Blackberry, Kiwi, Mango

Pretzel Bread Slider Bar
Roasted Turkey Reuben – 1000 Island Dressing, Swiss Cheese
Chicken Caprese – Fresh Mozzarella, Basil Pesto, Tomato
Cubano – Shaved Ham, Stone Ground Mustard, Pickles, Provolone

amici Breakfast

Complete Breakfast (Priced per person)
(Minimum order of $100.00 for delivery)

Bagels, muffins, pastries, creamy vanilla farro, fresh fruit

Ranch House
Buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon

Cheddar chive egg wraps, salsa, skillet potatoes, fresh fruit salad
(Add bacon or sausage for .95 more)

Crustless mini frittatas, fresh fruit salad

Home style biscuit, farmhouse eggs, bacon jam, fresh fruit salad

Grilled steak and egg rancheros, smokey black beanssweet potato chile hash

Snap! Crackle! Pop!
A nostalgic treat of six of our most popular cereals, mixed berries, milk, juice

Flaky croissants, scrambled eggs, shaved ham, cheddar cheese, fruit salad

amici Bench Breakfasts
Serves 8-10 ppl

  • Veggie Bench
    Scrambled Egg Whites, Smokey black beans, spinach, cheddar cheese
  • Baker Bench
    Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, country potatoes
  • Chiliquiles Bench
    Roasted chicken, green chile sauce, cotija cheese, corn tortillas

Breakfast Platters
Serves 8-10 people

Homemade “Bertha’s Bakery” Pop Tarts
Tender hand pies filled with fresh berries

Breakfast Wrap Platter
Farmhouse eggs, scrambled with cheddar cheese and chives.  Choice of ham, bacon, chorizo or vegetables

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Fluffy pancakes, sweet ricotta, fresh lemon w/ vanilla maple syrup

Open Faced Breakfast Bruschetta
Poached egg, black pepper goat cheese, lemon tarragon frisee, roma tomato Smoked salmon, mashed avocado, arugula sprouts

Croissant Sandwich Platter (Your choice: )

  • Farm fresh eggs, shaved ham, cheddar cheese
  • Farm fresh eggs, sausage cheddar cheese
  • Farm fresh eggs, roasted mushrooms, asparagus

Open Faced French Toast Sandwich (Your choice: )

  • Grilled ham and gruyere, Dijon mustard
  • Crème fraiche, seasonal berries, dusting sugar
  • Dark chocolate, sea salt, dusting sugar
  • Cantaloupe ribbons, goat cheese, toasted almonds

Healthy Break Creamy Farro w/ Honey Roasted Grapes
Vanillainfused farro, cinnamon honey roasted grapes

House made Blueberry Muffins with Banana Butter

Lox and Bagel Platter
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, lemon wedges, tomatoes,onions

Bagel and Cream Cheese Platter
Veggie and plain cream cheese, butter, jelly

Breakfast Gnocchi
Potato gnocchi, bacon, peas, parmesan

Breakfast Sides

  • Sweet Potato Hash
    Roasted sweet potatoes, poblano chiles, onion
  • Protein Sides
    Applewood smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, ham
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl (serves 10)
    Fresh cut seasonal fruit served family style
  • Granola, fresh berry and yogurt parfaits (each)
  • Skillet Potatoes
    Russet potatoes, sautéed onions and garlic
  • Iced Coffee – hazelnut or vanilla
  • Decaf/Coffee in a Box
  • Hot Tea Box Juice ½ Gallons – Orange, Cranberry or Apple

Salad Bowls 

Serves 8-10 people

Italian Garden
Tomato, pepperoncini, olives, Italian dressing

Green Apples, candied pecans, blue cheese, citrus vinaigrette

Radishes, cucumber, creamy dill dressing

Parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing

Napa Valley
Red grapes, almonds, feta cheese, dried cherry vinaigrette

Fresh corn, goat cheese, pepitas, cilantro vinaigrette

Entree Salads

Serves 8-10 entrée/16-20 side salad

amici Chop  
Chicken, blue cheese, pasta, tomato, green onion, bacon, mustard vinaigrette

Country Italian Chop  
Salami, pepperoni, tomato, garbanzo beans, provolone, basil vinaigrette

Grilled Steak Cobb Salad
Blue cheese, tomato, avocado, Applewood smoked bacon balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil balsamic drizzle

Chicken Satay Salad
Grilled chicken, shredded carrots, kale, peanuts,
Citrus soy vinaigrette or Spicy Peanut Dressing

Farmer Salmon Salad
Herb-crusted salmon, asparagus, tomato, egg
Lemon black pepper vinaigrette

Clearwater Chop Salad
Roasted chicken, snap peas, almonds, dried cherries
Black pepper ranch

Open-Faced Sandwich Platters

Whole Grain, Sourdough, French Roll
Minimum selection of 3 per sandwich type

Roasted Chick Pea & Arugula
Chile Roasted chick peas, tomato, arugula, lime tzaziki

Traditional Italian
Salami, pepperoni, ham, provolone, tomato, Italian dressing

Roasted Turkey BLT
Turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo

Avocado Pesto
Mashed avocado, pesto, goat cheese, arugula sprouts

Ham & Cheddar  
Shaved ham, cheddar, apple, honey mustard sauce

Chicken Caprese
Chicken breast, tomato, fresh mozzarella, pesto mayo

Grilled Vegetable  
Seasonal vegetables, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette

Mediterranean Tuna Salad                  
Albacore tuna, capers, sundried tomatoes, olive oil

Roast Beef
Sliced beef, cheddar cheese, horseradish cream sauce



  • Parmesan Kettle Chips            
  • Chipotle BBQ Kettle Chips            
  • Purple Potato w/Cilantro Tahini
  • Warm Potato w/ Bacon & Pumpkin Seeds


  • Vegetable Penne
  • Sundried Tomato, Spinach Orzo
  • Bacon Cheddar Macaroni
  • Forbidden Rice           


  • Grilled Chilled Vegetable
  • Spinach Cous Cous
  • Cilantro Apple Slaw
  • Quinoa Tabouli

Box/Bowl Lunch

  • Salad Bowl, bread, cookie                                                                                                         
  • Sandwich or Wrap, chips, cookie

Pans of Pasta

Serves 8-10 people. with Garlic Bread
Whole Wheat, Gluten-Free or Regular / Cheese Ravioli additional charge

  • Marinara
  • Low Fat Marinara
  • Walnut Pesto
  • GOTB (garlic, oil, tomato, roasted vegetable)
  • Spicy Tomato Cream
  • Pomodoro
  • Sweet Potato Gorgonzola
  • Meat Sauce
  • Alfredo

Italian Table

Serves 8-10 people, with Garlic Bread

Baked Spaghetti Pie
Spaghetti, Alfredo and Italian cheeses baked to perfection

Eggplant Parmesan
Breaded planks with marinara and mozzarella cheese

Homemade Lasagna
Fresh pasta layered with herbed ricotta cheese and marinara

Vesuvio Chicken (Bone in)
Roasted potatoes, peas, lemon herb broth

Veal Piccata
Sautéed cutlet, linguini, lemon caper butter sauce

Stuffed Chicken
Ham, spinach, & cheese, stuffed breast, vegetables pesto cream sauce

Shells with Broccoli
Sun dried tomatoes, spicy Italian sausage, garlic, olive oil

Shrimp Diavola
Gulf shrimp, fettuccini, spicy red pepper marinara

Penne with Roasted Chicken
Chicken, fresh mozzarella, spicy tomato cream sauce

Roast Pork Loin Marsala
Pork medallions, marsala mushroom reduction, penne

Pesto Crusted Salmon
Lemon butter sauce, sautéed vegetables, orzo

Chicken Parmesan
Parmesan crusted breast, mozzarella cheese, marinara

Amici Linguini Carbonara
Chicken, shaved asparagus, bacon, garlic cream sauce

Mexican Table

Street Tacos
Grilled steak and chicken, pico di gallo, guacamole, Spanish rice

Red/Green Chile Enchiladas
Shredded chicken or cheese, homemade sauce, Spanish rice

Tortilla Crusted Tilapia
Avocado, cilantro chimichurri, black beans

Adobo Turkey
Spice rubbed turkey medallions, pineapple salsa, black beans

Arrido Fajitas- Guadalahara style
Shredded chicken, pork, & chorizo, chopped lettuce, crumbled
Cotijo cheese, Serrano avocado crema, black beans

Shrimp Diablo Skewers
Spicy shrimp, onions, zucchini, cilantro rice, tortillas

Grilled Halibut with Chorizo Vinaigrette
Vegetable cous cous, guacamole

Scrambled Green Bean Burritos (seasonal)
Fresh scrambled eggs, fresh green beans, tomato & onion, flour tortillas

Chile Colorado/Verde
Slow roasted chile rubbed pork, black beans, tortillas

House Specialities

Serves 8-10 people

Mediterranean Kebob
Beef or chicken skewers, cucumber taziki, cherry rice, pita bread

Grilled Lime Salmon
Citrus marinated salmon, roasted vegetables

Cracked Peppercorn Steak
Rolled and stuffed with blue cheese, Asiago scalloped potatoes

Wild Mushroom Stuffed Pork
Wilted spinach, sun dried tomato cream sauce, roasted potatoes

Tilapia with Bacon Tomato Butter
Roasted vegetable quinoa

Grilled Flat Iron Steak
Pan seared tomatoes, roasted garlic, thyme, & red wine reduction

Roasted Turkey Medallions
Apple sage stuffing and velvet mashed potatoes

Peach Lacquer Shrimp
Grilled Mexican shrimp, cucumber cilantro quinoa

Open Faced Black Bean Chopped Burgers
Cilantro, roasted tomato crema, grilled sweet potatoes

Kona Crab Cakes
Panko breaded cakes, Pineapple jalapeno salsa, brown rice

Grilled Lamb Chops
Crispy cous cous, grilled zucchini ribbons

Lemon Shrimp with Orzo
Sauteed shrimp skewers, frenched green beans, feta orzo

Angus Meatloaf
Whiskey mustard glaze, mashed potatoes


Priced per person/* additional charge for select menu items

Traditional Table

  • Italian Garden Salad
  • Italian Specialty
  • Garlic Bread
  • Dolce or Fruit Platter

Cowboy Table

  • Cole Slaw or Potato Salad
  • Pulled BBQ Pork or Chicken
  • Ranch Beans
  • Onion Rolls

Mexican Table

  • House Salad
  • Mexican Specialty
  • Rice or Beans
  • Tortilla Chips/Homemade Salsa

Chilled Fresco Table

  • Two Salad Choices
  • Grilled Chicken and Steak
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Tuscan Bread
  • Dolce or Fruit Platter


Serves 8-10 people

Warm Fruit Crostada (seasonal)
Fresh baked pastry filled with warm apples or berries, whip cream

Chocolate Lava Cake
Individual chocolate cake with chocolate fudge centers, whipped cream

Dolce Platter
Chocolate chunk cookies, rice krispie squares, and cappuccino brownies

Traditional Italian dessert

Fresh Berry Lemon Cake
Tart lemon pound cake, fresh berries and homemade whipped cream

Warm Caramel Bread Pudding
Fresh caramel sauce, whipped vanilla cream

Chocolate Espresso Pot De Crème
Hazelnut, Orange, or Dark Chocolate Chile

Home-style Cannolis
Lemon, pistachio & dried cherry or Cinnamon chocolate chip

Cinnamon Sugar Mexican Cookies

Grown up Oatmeal Apple Cookies

Gelato Ice Cream Cake
Made fresh 10 flavors

Biscotti and Fruit Platter 
Seasonal fresh fruit with homemade chocolate chocolate chip biscottis

Blackberry Cheesecake
Fresh blackberry coulis topped

Things to Know

Special Orders
Available to all our guests are Vegan, and Gluten –free options, please ask

Items Included
We use premium disposable plastic ware.
Linens, chafing dishes and service available for additional charge.

Placing Orders
We appreciate 24-hour notice on all orders. Pick up orders also available.

There is a $130.00 food order minimum.
Delivery charge is based on location and size of order.

Cancellation Policy
Unfortunately, a 50% fee will be charged for orders cancelled after 3:00 pm on the day before your event.

“Give Back” Program
Ask about our frequent patron bucks, where a portion of what you spend, is rewarded back to you or a local charity of your choice.